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Good bye my friend

12. August 2011

I havent posted for a while (lots of month…) and there are many reasons for it

  • i´m student

  • i´m married

  • i have friends

  • and i have also a student job…

when i m not in the university i seem to work and when i m not in work i m in university

my first life is keeping me busy so i didnt think that i can afford some right now for my second one

not as i used to

somehow i managed it well but now that i just finished the 4th semester its not so easy anymore

and i was thinking a while what to do with my beloved 2monkeyz but i see no possibily at the moment

i think i have to quit my blog – i wont delete it – no i let it be just like it is

i learned so much with this blog and i had so much fun and joy with it 🙂

i keep my flickr account and whenever i have the time (at the moment i seem only to work, eat and sleeping… really…) maybe there are other days again… i hope so… i can put some pics over there

but i stop blogging

i loved it

but i dont have the time for it – i m so sorry!!!

i want to say thank you to all!

to my friends

to Jas the best SL-Sister you can have on earth!

to the great designers

and to you!

i wish you all the best and enjoy first and second life 🙂

I just keep my flickr account update – i desided to make a pic a day when im online (for myself – not neccessary with new fashion) i enjoyed doing this pics as well – if you want to see them please click here 

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  1. 18. August 2011 11:07

    Its understandable that you have no time to blog anymore. At the same time its a pity. I really love what you did. Your pictures were amazing and your style always great. I hope that you will find the time to blog again.

    • 22. August 2011 22:45

      Hey Dagmar,

      thank you very much!!!
      Its a thin line between having big joy of doing something and getting overdone cause its too much… and if you put other into it its not the same anymore… difficult

      i cant stop making pics anymore lol – i m just used to it and have all this poses and places lol…
      so i desided to make a pic a day when im in sl and to make them onto flickr – it dont have to be the newest houte couture or anything just what i like 🙂 from my inventory and its really big enough for more than just one avi

      hope you like my flickr pics as well dagmar 🙂

      thanks for your comment 😀

    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/2monkeyz/

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