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Jasmine & Jas

Hey this Blog or now Blogs are directed by two Jasmin(e)´s

Its called 2monkeyz as an synonyme for us 😛

We love to blog and you can see this by our Masterpieces 🙂

We post mostly in two languages and the pictures are made with pleasure 🙂

sometimes we post only in english cause it takes more time and time is rare sometimes

„It´s always easy to post something what is really good looking“

We have expanded… is mostly directed by Jasmine Pixelmaid

& is mostly directed by Jas Core

otherwise we Post all, what we like 🙂

we dont take money cause our taste is not buyable

If you want that we post about you, just send an NC and you ´ll see that we are also really kind 😀

As i said time is rare and RL is keeping us both really busy we dont post each day like we used to do

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  1. Jas Core permalink*
    4. Januar 2010 23:43

    Check out our other blog!!!

  2. Tom Pascale permalink
    21. Mai 2010 07:14


    We run a blog about freebies and bargains in Second Life.
    I was wondering if it would be possible to add our blog to your blogroll.
    If yes, I will do the same.

    Blog title: Resas Freebie Corner
    Blog address:

    Thank you very much for your consideration.


    • Jas Core permalink*
      21. Mai 2010 08:57

      Hi Tom, of course we will add you 🙂 love the good relationships between other bloggers:) thanks for your message:)

      Greetings jasmine & Jas

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