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Good bye my friend

12. August 2011

I havent posted for a while (lots of month…) and there are many reasons for it

  • i´m student

  • i´m married

  • i have friends

  • and i have also a student job…

when i m not in the university i seem to work and when i m not in work i m in university

my first life is keeping me busy so i didnt think that i can afford some right now for my second one

not as i used to

somehow i managed it well but now that i just finished the 4th semester its not so easy anymore

and i was thinking a while what to do with my beloved 2monkeyz but i see no possibily at the moment

i think i have to quit my blog – i wont delete it – no i let it be just like it is

i learned so much with this blog and i had so much fun and joy with it 🙂

i keep my flickr account and whenever i have the time (at the moment i seem only to work, eat and sleeping… really…) maybe there are other days again… i hope so… i can put some pics over there

but i stop blogging

i loved it

but i dont have the time for it – i m so sorry!!!

i want to say thank you to all!

to my friends

to Jas the best SL-Sister you can have on earth!

to the great designers

and to you!

i wish you all the best and enjoy first and second life 🙂

I just keep my flickr account update – i desided to make a pic a day when im online (for myself – not neccessary with new fashion) i enjoyed doing this pics as well – if you want to see them please click here 

Project Themeory 52

30. April 2011

Saturday at 12:00am SLT Project Themeory 52 opens till 11:59pm SLT that Sunday!
As usual exclusiv Fasion entranced in the shops
and all of them for just 75 L

Here you see an lil pretaste by Magoa and Acid & Mala

Magoa offers this .Magoa. Our Story Dress TP here

.:A&M:. Flamenca Dress TP here

  • Malinka-Sunkissed-cl-Db-08 Natural Beauty Skin
  • Exile Elena/sand mix Hair
  • Cariddi Shoes White (white heels)
  • Cariddi Shoes White (black heels) both by Similar Quality Italian Footwear TP if you want

Besides of this there are Participating:
Milk Motion Mainstore here
AnnaMayaHouse here
D-LAB here
modd.g here
Cést moi! here
LISP Bazaar here
Ploom here
Infinite here
Gato here
Adjunct here
The Bounce here
Rozena here
Cheekey Pea here
cheap cheap here

Double PP

29. April 2011

I called this Post Double PP cause here you see the great side of being a Member by


both groups have an join in fee but i m member for a really long time and i dont regret just one linden

here you see the newest groupgift

PIDIDDLE did sent it by its group messages and Ploom has it in the store

  • PIDIDDLE – FeatherExtensions (Accessoir)
  • Exclusive & .ploom. Bunni Hair with Hud to change Textures (also the bow & „ear center“) & Resize

TP to Pididdle here & Ploom here

I´m a natural beauty

17. April 2011


~Natural Beauty~ previously known as  TIK TOK  has a new Release – Skin Malinka

and cause i m such a natural beauty (by this skins) there was no nessessary to work on this pics beside of putting them into the collage. The skins are just wonderfull!!! absolut faboulos! here on the pic you see the skin in deep tan 🙂 and in ten different make up variations!

but beside of these skin color there are lots of different available and a huge sortiment of make ups as you see on the pictures!

  • Malinka-deep tan-Lb-10 Skin NEW
  • [ATOMIC] Ritzy Blazers Silver Blazer
  • *COCO*_Gift_RuffleSkirt(Lace-Black) Skirt
  • [MANDALA]IROHA Earring/Red Earrings
  • *COCO*_AnkleWrapWedge(Black Shoes
  • [ 69 ] JESSICA 02 – Dark Chestnut – RESIZER Hair

 TP to bekome a natural beauty too

Morning Glory

15. April 2011

Morning Glory is the name of the newest innovation by Vita´s Boudoir

its purple and the top is a complete sculpty

as usual its a dream of a dress 🙂

I foudn this hair by CatWa one of the hair shops i know for sooo long and they really really expanded well – lots of news there too

  • Morning Glory Dream of a Dress NEW
  •  *YS & YS* – Evelin Blue Blonde Hair Skin
  • .:A&M:. Messed Memory Wire Set  Earrings
  • *Action Womens Ballet Flatz Shoes
  • ^;^CaTwA^;^ Nada HairStyle/Caramel Hair

TP to Vita´s Boudoir here

TP to CatWa here 

Enjoy ::HH::

15. April 2011

I just have now Photoshop and enjoy a lil bit playing with the features 🙂

Here you see the previous Groupgift from Hucci (not in Subscribo anymore) but maybe a good reason for subsribing right now 😛

and also the heels are shown in a way i want to show you

this heels are from Milano – they are in a color pack – in this heels i think i can choose between at least four colors by this tone

and they have an super unique heel!

  •  -MonS- Amozon Skin  Skin  TP
  • [ 69 ] CASS 01 – Dark Platinum Blonde – RESIZER Hair TP
  • Ring You & Me (S) by sad* Ring TP
  • {*Aglaia*} VC – Mint BOXED Earrings TP
  • ::HH:: Hucci Skye Dress – Lemon Gift Dress TP
  • Milano Shoes (Greens RGB) Shoes TP

2Hot 4U

9. April 2011

2Hot 4U is the new part of the new absolut amazing N1CO Release

its just WOW…. I was really speakless when i saw the new Kreations!

a big compliment to the creator and thanks that i can wear it – and thanks that i look sooo good in it ;D

the only think missing here is my minion 🙂

  • N1CO – 2Hot 4U outfit NEW
  • [rQ]Tan@TYPE.o7-hairBASE-B.o2/w.TATTOO skin
  • I ❤ Rien -Power Doll tattoo not available nowadays – i think
  • [ 69 ] GISUC – Dark Noir – RESIZER hair

TP To N1CO here

TP to this amazing Sim (Risk City) here